What Makes Us Different

What makes Krugler Law different is that it was built with the needs of growing families and growing businesses in mind.  Shane has a wife and three young kids of his own and is an entrepreneur managing both a law practice and a regulatory compliance and ethics consulting practice.  


We understand you strive to live life on YOUR TERMS, that YOU ARE BUSY, you are growing, you are planning for or are currently leading a life of prosperity and that you value ease, convenience, and efficiency. You want to know you’ve made the best decisions for your family and your growing business and that your plans are protecting everything that you have worked so hard to build.  


THAT IS OUR FOCUS TOO.  We’ve developed unique systems to facilitate and encourage communication with our clients on an ongoing basis. In fact, we’ve thrown out the time clocks, so you never have to be afraid to call with a quick question. Most everything we do is billed on a flat-fee basis, agreed to in advance, so there are never any surprises.

4989 Delhi Avenue, Suite 100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238

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