November 5, 2019

Elder abuse can take a wide variety of forms, but we think the worst of the worst is caused by unscrupulous adult guardians appointed by a court to care for seniors who are no longer able to care for themselves. And though you may not want to believe such a thing could...

May 19, 2019

You must consider that at some point before your eventual death, you could be incapacitated by accident or illness.

March 25, 2019

The recent death of the CEO of QuadrigaCX, a major cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, demonstrates a basic, yet often-overlooked, tenet of effective estate plan.

March 16, 2019

In late February, Luke Perry, who became famous starring in the 1990's TV series Beverly Hills 90210, suffered a massive stroke at age 52. He was hospitalized under heavy sedation, and five days later, when it became clear he wouldn’t recover, his family decided to rem...

March 3, 2019

Just this week my grandmother (we call her nanny : ) was almost the victim of a telephone scam.  Luckily for her, she was on her game, knew that I am a responsible man and an attorney who would most likely not get himself in such a predicament and most of all KNEW WHAT...

February 17, 2019

A comprehensive business succession plan can help ensure your company doesn’t fall apart when you pass on. Beyond simply naming a successor, such plans provide stability and security by allowing you to lay out detailed instructions for how the company should be run.

February 9, 2019

Rather than putting it off until you’re near retirement, succession planning should be a fundamental part of your business strategy from the start. Indeed, a comprehensive succession plan shouldn’t be considered an end at all—it’s simply the beginning of your company’s...

February 2, 2019

As a business owner, you’ve taken on a big responsibility to your family, your clients/customers, your team and your partners. Will it stand the test of time?

February 1, 2019

One of the primary reasons business owners set up corporations and limited liability companies (LLC) is to shield their personal assets from debts and other liabilities.

January 26, 2019

The top four things you need to consider in starting a home-based business.

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