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"Mr.Krugler has been nothing but remarkable to us since retaining him over a year ago. Always providing his full attention to the any issues I may have. He is honest, and 100% transparent which is hard to find in this field. After trying numerous different lawyers I’m confident to say that Shane will have my business indefinitely. Always being attentive and upfront you will not find a better man in the field. Thank you Shane for everything you continue to do."

"I contacted Kruger Law (i.e., Shane) in order to have him provide some assistance in a review of my estate. In addition to the normal estate issues, there was also some medical issues/obstacles that needed to be addressed. These obstacles often required an in-depth review in order to ensure that I had the right plan in place. Shane was professional, knowledgeable and courteous in all aspects of my review. The end result, for me, was Peace of Mind. Thank you Shane"

"I am extremely pleased with my experience with Krugler Law. Shane worked diligently to assist me help a friend navigate the labyrinth of estate law. At every turn and every roadblock (and there were many), Shane brought assurance and a plan to tackle the next step. He went above and beyond to mitigate our situation. We truly felt served! Thank you so much Shane."

"As a new business owner, Krugler Law provided me with the knowledge I needed to be successful in my industry. Shane takes his time to listen and understand the needs of your business. Very genuine individual with reasonable rates. Thank you for being a part of my growth. Much success to Krugler Law in 2019 on forward!!!"

"Shane helped our business create the legal documents we needed to protect ourselves from any frivolous or accidental mishaps. He provided us with guidance on how to best protect ourselves and keep our business and personal finances separate. I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney to help with wills, estates, and financial planning. Thank you for all of your help Shane."

"Mr. Krugler has advised me more than once when I had some tough legal questions. The first time was regarding issues I was having with a close family member who was recently admitted to a long term care facility. He listened patiently to my story and made me feel that he truly cared, and also that he was able to empathize having gone through similar healthcare issues in his family. He took notes, did some research and reached me with the information that I needed. A few months later, I was involved in a mass layoff and needed someone to review my severance contract. Even though this was not his specific field of practice, he again patiently listened to me explain all the details of what had happened, offered kind words of sympathy and advice and reviewed the paperwork and contact relating to my severance. After a thorough review he shared his opinion with me and it helped me determine my course of action. I am forever grateful for his advice. He even went out of his way to follow up later and inquire further about my wellbeing. Mr. Krugler is not just a good and knowledgeable lawyer; I believe that he is as good and honorable a man as I have ever met. I became acquainted with him through my former employer and as I have gotten to know him better, my opinion of him has increased. I highly recommend him as someone who goes out of his way to find answers, to give good advice, and who truly cares about his clients."

"Shane provides expert guidance with the true heart of understanding your needs. He makes sure you protect you, your family and your legacy. He is very reasonable considering how much he will save you and your estate.​"

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