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You love your family. You want to ensure things are as easy as possible for them, if and when something happens to you.

You show your love through acts of service. You want to pass on what you have worked so hard for your entire life and do it in a way that feels good and full of ease. Your wealth isn’t measured just by the dollars in the bank, but by the well-being of the people you love.​


What would happen to your kids if the unthinkable happened to you?  Did you know that 69% of parents have not yet named guardians for their children?  


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The world today is not what it once was. Families no longer live in the same town, state or even country.  The Krugler family moved to Cincinnati 15 years ago, away from our friends and family, our entire support network.  


Do you have a plan in place to make sure that your kids will be taken care of and that you will pass on not only your financial legacy but your values, morals and memories?  

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When step-parents, kids, and extended families are involved, even more legal life planning is required.  Blended families may require additional legal arrangements, such as marital and property agreements, to help ensure that all family members are taken care in a time of need.

Mother and Daughter


Being the sole king or queen of your castle can be tough.  You must be everywhere and everything to those who count on you most.  Whether there are co-parents or not, single parents should have a solid plan so that their families are taken care of if an emergency arises.

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Preplanning for the unexpected to ensure your child with special needs is taken care of is crucial.  Putting an appropriate plan in place that assures your family member is continuing to have access to with their existing support network and that they are receiving the appropriate ongoing government benefits available to them is vital to their continued care and development.

Couple with their Baby


Krugler Law has seen first hand, the burden and stress endured by families within your community.  Because your rights are not fully recognized everywhere, at least yet anyway, having an effective family protection plan in place to limit the actual and ever-changing threats to your family's rights is imperative.

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